So DGB Solicitors was established 10 years ago in August 2003. To celebrate the team arranged a surprise for founder Debbie Black; cupcakes (logo decorated of course) and a tipple of fizz were on the agenda, all of which went down very well.

It got us thinking; what else besides DGB solicitors was not around 10 years ago? Here’s what the team came up with. Happy reading

10 years ago we would still be using a dial-up, 56k narrowband Internet connection no such thing as wireless connectivity
10 years ago today, our lap tops (if we had them) weighed more than a small holdall of bricks and had barely any storage let alone a screen you could see properly
10 years ago Facebook , You tube and social media did not exist - tweeting was not a recognisable verb – now social media is a way of life in most households
10 years ago we backed up files on numerous floppy disks. Where are they now?
10 years ago we may have still been listening to music on cassette players or CD players.
Remember all that storage space that was needed – we even designed furniture to house our collections – just docking stations now.
10 years ago our mobile phones were huge and functional – no such thing as touch screens and phone fashion accessories.
10 years ago we watched films on TV or used video which we had to go out and physically choose – no iTunes and iPods.
10 years ago online banking was in its infancy and we had to wait until the banks were open to pay money in!
10 years ago we had cameras with film that needed to be developed- glossy photographs were stuck into photo albums – pen drives, social media sites and cloud storage have revolutionised this.
10 years ago we found our way around using an A to Z and Googling something was unheard of – now it’s a verb.

There is much to celebrate in the technological advances over the last 10 years – in a lot of ways the changes have allowed this firm to flourish.

To all our clients, team members, associates and working partners, thank you for your on- going support. It really is appreciated.

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